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Grand Kamelia, Sonnenstrand Bulgaria

In front of Nessebar, city from Byzantine time. 

❤️ Nice to meet you 🙂  welcome to beautiful Bulgaria 

❤️ In artist room of Anna Stark 

⭕️ In Sommer ( end of April – end of September ) you have Sun & Bars & Beach & good food everywhere 

⭕️ In winter time you enjoy the quiet atmosphere ⭕️ I like it more to be from Oktober to April, to move from cold countries in the Sun and fresh air. 


Nessebar, 10 min with car, bus or taxi is a beautyful city, Urban architecture monument and UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage

about Bulgaria 


⭕️ Welcome in my Grand Kamelia


⭕️  https://maps.app.goo.gl/tHUja8YKFx9Pw5bA7

Small room, but with beautiful few on harmony suite and sweet home ⭕️  in middle of everything: bars, shops, restaurants, banks and the beach 🏖 

⭕️please use my big terrasse ⭕️ 

⭕️10 min Walk to the beach

⭕️10 min Walk to the restaurant D‘Janny / flora bar: best restaurants + open 365 days 

⭕️ 5 min Walk to Shop „mladost“  + open 365 days 

⭕️my  fone for any questions in Whatsupp German#0049#1709486689.

⭕️you find me in Google 💎 artgalleryannastark.com 

⭕️ you get direkt /non stop the bus from Istanbul , Burgas ( go ca.60 min ) and Nessebar ( go ca. 10 min) by bus direktly from Автогара / mainbusstation 😊 walk 5 min from my flat 

⭕️wlan is not incuded in the Price. 

⭕️10 Euro key service/ schluesseluebergabe 

*You get the 2 key for outdoor and room door 

from Nikolaj, Daniela, Julia 

*so 4 key’s if you travel together 

If you travel by your self, please be in time until 16 o’clock to get the key. After 16 o’clock the key service will costs little more. 

⭕️please enjoy our service for transfer 

Nikolaj for Transfer from airport 


Николай speakes English, Russia, Bulgaria 

Burgas airport transit to my room 

35 Euro , 70 Lev 

Warna airport transit to my room 

75 Euro 

Sofia to my room 

450 Lev 


Nikolaj for Transfer from airport 


Николай speakes English, Russia, Bulgaria 


10 Euro key service/ schluesseluebergabe 

You get the key for outdoor and room door from Nikolaj, Daniela, Julia 



40 cleaning service / Reinigungsservice 

You get 3 fresh bed linen and 3 towel

if you stay for longer time, please speak for special cleaning Order 


The best time for Sommer is from May to September

In winter you enjoy the quiet location with not so muck tourists, only the main Bars and Restaurants are open.